Head Office Location : 574-0053, JAPAN
4-10, Shinden-Asahimachi, Daito City, Osaka, Japan
Founded : March 1970
Capital : 96 million yen
Sales : 21,122 million yen(Fiscal year ended October 2020)
Number of Employees : 267 (Including group companies:341) (As of October 31,2020)
Officer : Chairman Shoji Terada
Vice Chairman Tsugushi Fuki
President CEO Kimio Terada
Executive Director Noriaki Kodama
Director Akio Terada
Director Masaki Sato
Auditor Yasuo Terada
Auditor Kentaro Kojima
Officer General Manager Masatoshi Nakamura
Global Sales Area : Taiwan
Hong Kong

Sales Trend

Major Offices



Asahi Electric Trading Corporation was established in Daito City, Osaka. Set up its sales agencies in a number of prefectures in Japan .Developed major superstores.


Established Tokyo Sales Office in Higashi Kurume City, Tokyo to reinforce market share in the Kanto region.


Set up Fukuoka Sales Office to reinforce market share in the Kyushu region.


Introduced IT much earlier than competitors. Head Office integrated and controlled business operations with logistic tasks in line with business expansion.


Set up Sales Office in Sendai City. Entered the HC market.


Introduced online systems between Head Office and branch offices.


Introduced incentive stock option system. Employees participation in management to assist enhancement of responsibilities, awareness and asset generation.


Established GMS / DC in Daito City, Osaka for improvement in logistic tasks.


Started the primary medium-term management plan. ("Sunrise Strategy" focusing on year 1990.) Introduced TQC.


Founded Asahi Kyoeikai with an aim to promote friendship in line with information exchange with clients, product reform and enhancement of logistic systems.


Established Campaign Mark 21.
Pursued the creation of excellent products, with an enhancement in services for the 21st century.
Set up Higashi Nihon DC in Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture as the logistic base for Eastern Japan.


Improvement of development management environment. Reinforced management systems.
Introduced comprehensive system and divisional organization, in order to establish and expand our management concepts.
Held special events internally and externally, to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of company formation.
Joined Western Japan Electrical Installation Material Distributors Welfare Pension scheme, for improvement in the company welfare system.


Introduced IT equipment (AS/400 office computers) to support comprehensive system establishment.


Set up Hiroshima Sales Office to reinforce market share in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions.


Changed the company name to Asahi Electric Corporation.


Relocated Nishi Nihon DC in Daito City, Osaka.


Installed a dedicated show room within the Head Office as an action for basic product development and a part of CS.


Relocated Tokyo Branch Office in Maezawa, Higashi Kurume City, Tokyo, installing a show room to enhance information contact as the base for Eastern Japan Sales Division.


Relocated Kyushu Sales Office in Maezawa, Higashi Kurume City, Tokyo, installing a Logistic Center to accommodate customer requirements. Installed a multi purpose show room to intensify sales potential.
Relocated Sendai Sales Office to Izumi-ku, Sendai City.


Launched new businesses in gardening and health equipment.


Relocated the Information System Department to Nishi Nihon DC. Replaced the old IT equipment with new versions.
Held special events internally and externally to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of company foundation.


Installed a groupware called "Notes" companywide as a part of the information faculty improvement strategy.
Our product called TAPRUN received the Osaka Governor Award in the JAPAN DIY SHOW 2000 OSAKA.
Increased capital reserve to ¥96 million.


Moved Gardening and Health Equipment Division away as a separate company.
Our simplified security product received the Chairman Production Bureau Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at JAPAN DIY SHOW 2001 OSAKA.


Opened office in Shenzhen China.
Started outsourcing logistic tasks, in Nishi Nihon DC. Relocated Head Office to integrate functions within the office.
Our fluorescent light cover received the Buyers Award at JAPAN DIY SHOW 2002 OSAKA.


Relocated China Office to Hong Kong.
Our LIGHTING BAR received the DIY Chairman Award at the JAPAN DIY SHOW 2003.
Set up Sapporo and Nagoya Sales Offices.


Our LIGHTING BAR won the prize of the DIY New Product / Hit Product Contest at the JAPAN DIY HOMECENTER SHOW 2004.
Held special events internally and externally, to celebrate the 35th year anniversary of company foundation.


Held the first private product viewing session in the Osaka Head Office.
Our sensor light received the Golden Award of DIY New Product / Hit Product Contest in JAPAN DIY HOMECENTER SHOW 2005.
Fully upgraded our mission critical systems and installed DWH.


Integrated Sapporo Asahi Electric Corporation to launch a new division as the Hokkaido Sales Division.
competition,our new innovation product "LED electric bulbs" has been selected as a DIY innovative hit item.
Participated in "Team Minus 6%," a national campaign to prevent global warming.


The main office DC started outsourcing its logistics service.
The main office was remodeled to enhance its business function.
The fiscal year changed from the end of March to the end of October for closing an account.


Our Tokyo office building was remodeled and a private viewing of products was held, aiming to strengthen business in Eastern Japan.
Our rechargeable pocket handwarmer won the silver prize at the THE JAPAN DIY HOMECENTER SHOW 2008 as a "product that is friendly to people and the environment."


Various commemorative events were held both internally and externally to celebrate our 40th anniversary as a company.
Participated in the Adoption Program (periodic beautification activities for roads in surrounding areas, etc.) of Daito City, Osaka Prefecture.


Replaced some fluorescent lamps in the head office building with LEDs, as a part of energy-saving and global warming preventive measures.
Formulated product safety voluntary action guidelines, aiming for compliance with laws and regulations and fulfillment of social responsibilities.
Construction of exterior walls of the head office building, using heat shield paint on south west wall surfaces, with heat shield film attached to windows, aiming for environmental friendliness.
Participated in an overseas exhibition (Hong Kong Electronics Fair).
Joined the Challenge 25 Campaign, a national movement for the prevention of global warming.


Nagoya Sales Office relocation.
Our company's highpower LED headlight for bicycles won the award for "Best Hit Product" at the JAPAN DIY HOMECENTER SHOW 2011.


The next step in our global strategy is to establish warehousing overseas (in Shenzhen, China).
We exhibited at the LED Next Stage trade show for lighting fixtures.
At our head office we use employee ID cards and computerized security equipment.
The ERGOForm series of aluminum LED flashlights won the 2012 Good Design Award.
We are carrying out CI and CSR efforts based on our founding principles and code of conduct.


Relocated Fukuoka Sales Office and Kyushu Distribution Center.


"LED slim and flat light" was selected in the new products contest and also won third prize in the popularity contest of the general guests division at the JAPAN DIY HOME CENTER SHOW 2014.
Moved distribution division away as a subsidiary company with the aim to adjust with the current distribution environment and to improve consumer satisfaction.


Celebrated the company's 45th anniversary with ceremonial events.
Rebuilt head office, and set up second head office buliding.
"Makimaki cable tie series" won a prize in the JAPAN DIY HOME CENTER SHOW 2015.


Offered a donation to Shiga Prefecture to support the National Sports Competition and the National Para-Sports Competition.
Offered a donation to Daito City as a part of community contribution.
Signed a contract to be the official partner of the professional basketball team,"Osaka Evessa."


Donated many personal alarms to some public elementary schools in Daito City.
Donated some shuttle buses to the Child Development Support Center.


A courtesy call in honor of good corporate citizen from the local tax office.
Our burglar alarm system donated to Daito City-run elementary schools.
"New Product Category" prize to our product "Slim Rotary Tap" at JAPAN DIY HOMECENTER SHOW 2019.
Special prize to our product "DECT Wireless Intercom" at the 20th Intercom of the Year.


The 50th anniversary of our foundation celebrated.
Burglar alarm system donated to Daito City-run elementary schools.
Honored as a good corporate citizen by Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters.

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