Code of Conduct


We will always strive to be a company trusted by the society, performing good actions under the laws and ordinance of business.

Promotion of Communication

We assure to promote good communication activities towards our customer and employees, by our visible and high level work performance.

Relation With Other Countries

We respect the religion and culture of other countries where we perform our business activities, and for coexistence, we also cooperate and contribute to the economy of that certain country.

Responsibility Towards the Environment

We conduct our business operation with concern to the environment, we will always strive to improve the environment through the activities like resource saving, energy saving.

Consumer Satisfaction

We will propose safe, secure, and simple, convenient, and ECO-friendly products with our ideas and wisdom. We will strive to improve consumer satisfaction.

Establishing a Trusting Relationship With Fair Trade

We will strive to build and maintain a relationship of mutual trust with our business partners through fair business activities.

Establishing a Good Workplace

We will always do our best to improve business action to achieve efficient work, building an awareness of a work-life business, and to establish a comfortable and safe workplace.

Response to the Social Forces

We will take a firm attitude for the pressure from anti-social forces and organizations that threatens the order and safety of the society.

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