Product Safety Policy

1.Basic Policy for Product Safety

We make product safety the utmost priority, and by understanding the responsibility of building a safe and secure society, we have provided an independent action policy so that customers may use our products with a sense of security.


We observe the duties which are determined by laws and ordinances about safety regulations for everyday consumer products or product security.

3.Providing Safe Products

To maintain product safety, we will gather and analyze information from developing to checking for malfunctions in each step, so that we may provide safe and reliable products.

4.Preventing Accidents from Misuse

To be able to use our products safely, we will make an effort to provide packages and instruction manuals that are easy to see and read, so it may prevent accidents and misuse.

5.Providing Proper Information About Product Accidents

We will provide information about accidents regarding our products, and sufficient accident information.

6.Common Knowledge Towards Related Regulations

We will have a common knowledge towards product safety regulations by educating our employees, and we will revise it when needed.

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