Product Development

At Asahi Electric, we aim to plan and produce products from the customers' perspective.
We constantly strive to manufacture products with high originality through gaining ideas from the latest information and we value design and compatibility with the environment, especially when covering safety and user friendliness in all products.
Along with user friendliness, we care deeply about product safety and quality. Before we ship off our products, we check each and every product with human hands to check if each product has no problem. For example, we use a special integrating sphere to examine if each of the light bulbs produce equal amount of light.


Planning within ASAHI ELECTRIC CO., LTD begins with market research.
The design department plans the product concept, and the top management holds a meeting based on the analysis of current information from the sales department. The concept chosen in the design meeting proceeds onto the development meeting; in which responsible person covering in all product areas formulate tactics for sales in unison.

Currently we are focusing on creative planning and development to come up with highly original products. For example, we have a special product design team called "Nadesiko Project", where our female staff members actively participates in the design and innovation of new products that target female customers. Also in the year 2012, our product ERGOFORM series of aluminum LED flash light was selected for the Good Design Award. We will continue advancing our design for the satisfaction of our customers.

About the ELPA Design Symbol

To promote the ELPA brand and to show our determination and innovation towards our products, the ELPA Design symbol is printed on the packages and displays of products that are original, and especially designed with high quality. We will do our very best to keep seeking high quality and perfection for product designing, and we will "keep the faith" to create products that would be more useful for our customers.


The sales section of Asahi Electric Corporation implements numerous sales promotions including suggestion of sales floor arrangement that is thought to be best for the customers.

For instance, we create a "planogram" to suit the area of the sales floor to ensure effective presentation. We collectively coordinate from an assortment of products to display, using a gondola stand, self-developed "POP-stand," and special packages and displays.

We believe that the service of suggesting the shop coordination has been taken much earlier than any other competitor in the industry. Also, we take much effort to understand the condition of the sales floor and the users' needs, and to provide feedback data to the product planning department. How sensitive we could catch information and to utilize them effectively is the key to suggesting an idea for a new lifestyle.

Carrying Out a Global Strategy

We are expanding business globally, with a focus on Southeast Asia, promoting sales of "Japan Quality" products through business negotiations with local retailers and also by setting up overseas product warehouses and product inspection systems. We currently have an office in Hong Kong, and a warehouse in Shenzhen, China.

Logistic Network

Asahi Electric Corporation runs distribution centers in 8 areas in Japan, and one in Shenzhen, China. We have established a highly advanced logistic system that completely takes charge of order receipt, products, stock, and order dispatch control by the utilizing IT systems introduced much earlier than any other competitor, which provides an organizational control that covers all Japan. The system ensures sales reinforcement, reliability and fast delivery to electrical outlets, shops, chain stores, supermarkets, do-it-yourself stores or drug stores in Japan.

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