Privacy Policy

ASAHI ELECTRIC CO., LTD (below stated as Asahi Electric) is deeply aware that we have social responsibility as a company. Asahi Electric will properly handle information that can identify a specific individual such as the customer's name, address and E-mail address. Asahi Electric will promise to protect and respect customer's personal information on the basis of the following sections:

1.Managing Personal Information

We make product safety the utmost priority, and by understanding the responsibility of building a safe and secure society, we have provided an independent action policy so that customers may use our products with a sense of security.

2.Collecting Personal Information

Asahi Electric may collect the customer's personal information by letting the customer know by contact inquiry, and we will use it properly in appropriate situations.

3.Usage of Personal Information

Asahi Electric will use the customer's personal information under the customer's understanding and approval.

4.Providing, Revealing Personal Information

Asahi Electric will not provide or reveal customer's private information to a third party, with an exception of when having the customer's approval, when entrusting business to another, or having an adequate reason to do so.

5.Referring, Correcting, Adding, Deleting Personal Information

Asahi Electric will handle the situation appropriately if the customer contacts the company and wishes to refer, correct, add, or delete personal information.

6.Striving to Ensure and Improving Security

Asahi Electric will strive to ensure and improve the security in order to secure the management of personal information.

7.Following Laws and Regulations

Asahi Electric will follow laws and regulations, and the norms that apply to personal information held by Asahi Electric, and will review appropriate measures in the above paragraphs and will give effort to strive and to improve.

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